Exclusive Advice from Pro League of Legends Players Dyrus and TheOddOne

  Most will fight against you, they will tell you it’s not worth it, they will tell you it’s just a game. You will struggle against it. But then you will encounter greater resistance; your own mind. You will have to develop the mental strength to compete harder, to believe in yourself. Then you might just make it far enough. You will be able to compete, you might even reach Challenger rank . But this is where you will face your greatest challenge, this is where most competitive players get trampled and thrown away like garbage. You can overcome this.  You can learn to face each of these challenges. All you need is the right wisdom, from the right people. In this post, I’ll hook you up with amazing advice from retired League of Legends pros. Each of them struggled their way up the ELO ladder and experienced first hand the difficulties of going pro.



   There is one huge barrier, holding back your game. And this isn’t just an issue now, it will be a major issue in the future. This barrier will hold back your potential and stomp you into ELO hell. So what is it? What’s holding you back? It’s your mindset.

  Your psychology underlays your performance. It’s is everything! Many pro players will agree, and even admit that a major challenge for them, was adopting a new mindset and improving their psychology. So it’s no surprise that Dyrus’ advice for competitive League of Legends players is to use a simple mental trick to improve their psychology.


  Dyrus’ advice: work really hard, try your absolute best, but when you lose a game, when you miss your goal, when you are defeated and frustrated, focus on just having fun. This advice is simple, but there is a lot to it. When you get tilted, when you get frustrated, your brain stops working the way you need it to. Your brain almost shuts down as it goes into a “fight or flight mode”. And in this mode you will die, you will lose, and it will just get worse and worse. By adopting the mindset of just having fun, by not taking yourself too seriously, you will relax your mind, allowing you to focus and perform.

  There is much more to your mindset then this, and if you want to truly improve your game you need to master it. I will go into much more detail in later posts, so you can improve you mind-set and get a massive advantage. For now, remember this; try your best, if you lose, if you fail, if you get frustrated simply have fun.




 From TheOddOne, I was expecting something different. I was expecting something cliche, like “be yourself”, “don’t give up”, or “work hard”. The advice I received was much different. A big takeaway after speaking with TheOddOne was that going pro isn’t all about developing your skills. No. It’s warfare, between you and the eSports industry.

  As an insider to the world of eSports, TheOddOne told me that most talented, high ELO players, get thrown aside like garbage. He claims the first battle of going pro is getting recognized. The second battle is not getting manipulated.

  In eSports, it’s not uncommon to hear of great players getting taken advantage of. Mangers and private teams who have bad intention, can ruin you. TheOddOne stressed that you need to learn the industry before even attempting to go pro. But this attempt might just be a complete waste of time. Why? Getting recognized is insanely hard. TheOddOne says, if you hope to go pro you shouldn’t even attempt to get recognized by a team, you need to make your own. While he didn’t go into much detail about how to do this, it really brought to my attention how insane the pro industry is.

  Most gamers focus on their individual skills, climbing the ranks, then getting recognized. But they should really be focused on how they will penetrate the industry. Whether you are planning to go pro or just hop into local competitions, your knowledge of the industry and your ability to create a team is vital. In a future post, I plan to explore this idea and show you exactly how.

 Climbing the ELO ladder, competing, then going pro. These are difficult. Every inch of progress requires a ton of effort. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. The advice from Dyrus and TheOddOne will give you a great advantage, but it’s just a start. By getting to know the industry, by understanding how to compete, form a team, and improve your mindset, you can climb the ranks much faster, getting a huge advantage over those blind to these challenges. In future posts, I’ll be showing you how exactly to improve your psychology, and I’ll break down the path you need to take to go pro. Are you ready to take this journey with us? Follow us on social media to get notified when our posts go up!

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