Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the eSports community to demand more from their own performance, strive for greater goals, and to reach their full potential.

We aim to create remarkable tools, backed by scientific research, to help those serious about improving their gaming skills. And we are dedicated to changing the paradigm around competitive gaming, helping competitive gamers receive the respect they deserve, so they are no longer seen as “gamers” and instead, recognized as eSports athletes.

affHead-1-842x500 eAthlete Labs
affHead-1-842x500 eAthlete Labs

Are You Ready to Become an eAthlete?

Are You Ready to Become an eAthlete?

eAdvantageSingle_Bottle- eAthlete Labs
eAdvantageSingle_Bottle- eAthlete Labs


Most competitive gamers today, who want to get a slight performance boost or a bit of a competitive edge, will reach for unprescribed Adderall, or sugary energy drinks. Both of which have extremely negative effects on your health and can actually ruin your brain performance. It’s time for a new solution!

eAdvantage is a healthier, cheaper way to boost your energy and focus, while also improving your memory and brain performance!

The eAthlete Academy

The majority of competitive gamers are only achieving a fraction of what they’re capable of. They are limited by their mindset and by the information that’s available to them. They are told that they aren’t skilled enough, or talented enough, then when they decide to study the game and develop their skills, they’re only shown the basic “tips and tricks”.

They aren’t taught to optimize their brain in order to improve faster, or to use scientific techniques to avoid the obstacles that can destroy their performance. But it’s time to change that approach. It’s time to take the route of science and psychology to get an edge over the competition, avoid the obstacles that hold most players back, and achieve the level of skill that you’re truly capable of.

Enter the Academy

eAthlete-Black-Tee-350x350 eAthlete Labs
eAthlete-Black-Tee-525x525 eAthlete Labs

Rep the eAthlete Ethos

An “eAthlete” is a competitive gamers who take their performance as seriously as a sports athlete takes theirs.  eAthletes dreams big, work hard, and commit themselves to the game. They are ruthless in their effort, constantly improving and climbing higher. They’re athletes of eSports. They’re the future of competitive gaming… Are you an eAthlete?

*All profits from the shirt go towards helping our partnered streamers!

Get Yours!

Featured Streamers

Headshot1 eAthlete Labs

Mike - Street Fighter 5 Player

“This is unreal. I’m not just focused and energetic, I’m a completely different player. Can’t wait till I can get this all the time!”
headshot3 eAthlete Labs

Jordan - Overwatch Player

“It instantly made my accuracy go up. Not kidding… I don’t want anyone one else to have it, I just want it as my own secret weapon.”
Headshot2 eAthlete Labs

A.J. - Overwatch Player

“Not really big on energy drinks or coffee, but I really like this. I don’t feel shakey, it’s like a cleaner energy. Definitely recommend it!”
headshot4 eAthlete Labs

Derek - League of Legends Player

“Wasn’t expecting it to work this well. I feel like I’m just owning everyone. Like it didn’t make me a better player, it just lets me play at my personal best. I love it.”
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