eAthlete Labs is a brand that helps competitive gamers improve their skills & performance. We do this through valuable video content and an amazing new product called eAdvantage, that is designed to improve brain performance and gaming performance.

As a brand we are dedicated to inspiring gamers everywhere to realize their abilities, improve their skill-level, and unlock their full potential.

The eAthlete logo which features a brain and a lightning bolt, symbolizing the mental power the brand gives
The eAthlete logo which features a brain and a lightning bolt, symbolizing the mental power the brand gives

Our performance tool, eAdvantage, is a unique formula that provides performance and skill enhancement for competitive gamers. The formula is scientifically proven to be safe AND effective! And instead of mixing this formula into sugar water and calling it an energy drink, we packed it into a simple capsule for daily supplementation. Everyone armed with eAdvantage gets the competitive edge they need to dominate!


Our course, Esports Elite is a 66 day, step-by-step course designed to help you make huge progress in a matter of weeks! It is designed for players who want to climb to a higher rank, start playing in tournaments, and breakthrough demoralizing skill plateaus!


The eAthlete Labs Sponsorship Program is committed to working with motivated partners to help us put the greatest brain boosting products and educational tools in the hands of gamers everywhere. Be rewarded for helping others improve their gaming performance, enhance their brain health, and chase their esports dreams!


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Perks of Joining

• Get rewarded. Earn up to 15% royalties for each order with your code!

Special savings! We allow you to get your first bottle of eAdvantage at a significant discount.

Custom Graphics! Choose from pre-made graphics and designs, and get a custom design with your code, for your YouTube, twitch and social media.

We help you get started! Receive a guide when you sign up, to help you effectively communicate to your audience, and maximize your commissions.

• It’s 100% free! This program is completely free. Just sign-up & get started.

Be a part of something great. eAthlete Labs aims to help and inspire competitive gamers to reach their full potential. Join us in this mission!

• For those with a large following, you may be eligible for extra perks and bonus rewards.


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Share eAdvantage with your friends and fans! You can do this by sharing on your social media, your videos and your streams.

When telling others about eAdvantage, give them your custom code to help them save. Every time someone uses that code,  you’ll get rewarded for it!


For everyone, that you successfully refer, you will be rewarded up to 15% of the sale as commission! You can use this to help expand your Twitch community, pay for tournament costs or however you desire!

*As a sponsor you will be paid monthly through PayPal or everytime someone places an order with your code.

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