1) Make Money and Become a Full-Time Player

Once you earn the ability to train full time, you’ll be able to quickly climb the ladder of tournament prize pools, attract bigger sponsorships, and get more fans from your higher-skill gameplay.

In this video, we’ll break down the economics and opportunities in the industry so you can learn how to make money as a full-time competitive gamer.

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2) Convince Your Parents to Let You Become a Pro

Ultimately taking an active approach to teaching your parents about your esports dreams, you’ll reduce a barrier that holds many others back.

You’ll gain allies to help provide the emotional support and motivation, financial support so you can practice more and a helping hand for getting to tournaments and signing contracts.

In this video, you’ll exactly how to make that happen!

Join the full 30-day Bootcamp here → https://eathletelabs.com/pro-bootcamp/

3) The Odds of Making It & the Path to the Pro Scene

As the esports industry booms, so do the number of professional teams, player contracts and sponsorships. For you, this means that there are more opportunities now than ever to become a pro gamer. But as these opportunities increase, so does the competition.

In this video, you’ll learn how to embrace the ideal mindset and begin planning the most realistic path to the pro scene.

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4) Getting Started (Bootcamp)

Becoming a pro gamer is NOT about talent and luck. It’s about optimizing your training routine, starting a personal brand to help you earn money and recognition and leading a team that enables you to play in higher-stakes tournaments. While most players will give up on their dream of becoming a pro, YOU don’t have to…

Join the full 30-day Bootcamp here: https://eathletelabs.com/pro-bootcamp/

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