The Story 

  It was getting late, 4am, but I was still going, pushing through the heavy-eyed practice. I had been trying to improve my accuracy all night,  but as the hours flew by I felt like it was just getting worse. The game finally ended, and I decided I needed rest. As I started packing up the cans and garbage, littered around my desk, I got stuck on an idea. I would do anything it took to improve my skill, anything to get a competitive advantage. In the back of my mind I was dreaming of the pros, how did they get so good? How could I perform on that level?

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The Desperate search

  From tips and tricks to energy drink remedies, I searched everywhere for that one thing, that one thing that would take me to the next level. But somewhere between practising my in-game accuracy, and sipping energy drinks overpriced sugar water, I got fed up. Maybe it was the exhaustion, or maybe it was all the sugar I had consumed, but I decided to change something. I decided I would search for that forbidden secret, that one thing no one was talking about. I would find the unconventional approach to gaming like a pro. No more jitters, no more late nights practicing and grinding. I was ready to take a new approach.

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The Investigation
  Seeing as my best friend was a neuroscience student, I decided to turn to him. What did he know that I didn’t? How would he turn me into an instant pro? Soon enough we were investigating popular energy products, and supplements… “too much sugar”, “too much caffeine”, “not enough of anything to even work”… After panning through garbage products, we started finding pieces of gold. We started to see what actually worked, what actually had scientific evidence. Eventually we had a spreadsheet filled with ingredients, all of which could boost my gaming performance. It was gamer gold. And with the new found knowledge, the experiments began.
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Being a human guinea pig
  Using myself as a guinea pig I put our findings into action. Formula after formula, guessing and checking, researching more and more. Then we hit it. It was the perfect balance. Long term energy, insane focus, improved processing speed, and a massive list of other cognitive benefits. It was the silver bullet of the competitive gamer. But something about it bugged me.
  I started asking questions. We had come up with the perfect formula. A supplement that worked like magic and had remarkable long term benefits. But why hadn’t anyone else done this? Why was the market filled with garbage that either ruined a gamer’s performance or did nothing at all?
Our Mission

  That leads us here. A lot of hard work, fueled by a mission, has brought us out into the market. Our goal is to inspire the eSports community to demand more from their performance, and to demand more from the products they use to improve. We aim to bring scientific research to gaming so that we can create remarkable tools for those who want to play like pros. We want to start a revolution. Destroying the average gamer mentality and replacing it with eAthletes! Are you ready to become an eAthlete?

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