Insane Accuracy

Improve cognitive function so you don’t mis-click, or miss kills.

Faster THAN your 

Enhance your processing speed, and out compete in every one on one encounter.

Lead your friends to victory

Top of the team is nice. Leading your friends to victory is legendary.

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Pro Advantage

If you desire the focus, energy, and skills of an eSports legend it’s not as far away as you think. Pro Advantage is packed full of scientifically researched ingredients. The ingredients work together, upgrading your brain’s performance, and unlocking your full gaming potential. Improved energy, focus, and enhanced skill development, means gaming on a whole new level. Are you ready to step up your game? Are you ready to become an eAthlete?

Easily Win More games

Play at peak performance every game!

Demolish the other team

Start getting multi kills and penta kills.

Develop Insane Accuracy

No more mis-clicks, no more missed kills. Develop precision of a pro.

PA_bottle_opp Pro Advantage
Climb the ranks to the top

Start climbing the ranks with lightning speed.

Improve your skill Fast

Enhanced memory and learning means ranking up, leveling up, and dominating much faster.

Impress your Friends

Make your teammates envy your skill level.

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"There is no such thing as a magic cure for being a bad gamer. But this is the closest thing. If you want to boost your performance, and develop your skills quicker, then Pro Advantage is made for you" 
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Braeden Plein

What Does it Take to Play Like a Pro?



This is the 5th consecutive game, but it is this one that matters most. He can’t afford to be tired, the stakes are too high. It is now that he needs to tap into his energy reserves, and get ready to dominate With his eyes wide open he enters the game, ready to crush his exhausted opponents.

eSports pros rely on their energy reserves. Long lasting energy is the difference between a winning streak and a losing streak. If you want to dominate all night long, you’re in need of long lasting energy.



The fans scream with intensity, louder and louder. His rival mocks each play. But he’s not distracted. Everything around him vanishes. He is completely in the game, focused only on one thing… victory.

One misclick, one bad call, and you will cost your team the entire game. That wrong move happens when your mind isn’t engaged enough. Focus is essential. Focus allows you to be fully engaged, to unlock your full potential.



He is almost surely dead. But he has confidence. He swoops back unexpectedly, laying down the right move to do some damage. In this moment, it is as though time has slowed.  He dodges what would surely be the killing blow, and makes one last move to finish him. His team explodes with excitement.

  The reflexes and strategy of a pro come from long hours of practice. If you want to play like a pro you’re going to need to develop your skill and strategy. But what if you could do it much faster? Improve your ability to learn, improve your memory, and you will streamline your skill development.

How it Works

There is no such thing as an instant solution to becoming a gaming legend. But the combination of vitamins and powerful brain nutrients called nootropics are the closest thing. These ingredients will boost your short term performance and long term skill development, giving you a massive competitive advantage.

  • eAthlete Energy Blend
    We maximize the the perfect amount of caffeine, to create long lasting energy while avoiding overstimulation or jitters that typically come with energy drinks.
  • eAthlete Focus Blend
    We balance the energy ingredients with focus based ingredients, providing the concentration you need to stay in the game when it counts.
  • eAthlete Memory Blend
    Improve your memory, and ability to learn, and you will be able to develop your skills much faster and much more effectively.
  • The Result: Pro Advantage
    Pro Advantage is the combination of powerful ingredients allows you to play at peak performance, with long lasting energy, laser focus, and lightening speed.

We’re launching soon in private beta — sign up to get an invite!

Uses and Ingredients

Noopept, Alpha-GPC, & Huperzia Serrata:  These ingredients work together to improve several processes associated with focus, memory, learning, and movement. They increase levels of the neurotransmitters Glutamate and Acetylcholine and provide the building blocks needed for the production of neurons and neural connections. These benefits improve communication between neurons leading to faster reaction times, increased focus, and better pattern recognition. The result is improved gaming performance, and enhanced ability to develop gaming skills.

Caffeine & L-theanine: These two are major components in green tea, known to provide a smoother and more effective stimulation than caffeine alone. L-theanine works by counteracting the jittery unwanted side effects of caffeine by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain. This allows you to take advantage of the improved coordination and enhanced focus effects of caffeine without sacrificing the clarity and accuracy needed to play at your best.

Ginkgo biloba: An ancient herb that comes from the oldest living tree species in the world. Ginkgo has a long history of use for improving blood circulation and memory. Antioxidant and Terpenoid components reduce oxidative stress and dilate blood vessels, ensuring maximum blood flow to the brain. This is especially important for the brain to function optimally and stay sharp and alert during a session where the body is stationary.

Vitamin B-6(pyridoxine HCl): B-6 is an important cofactor in the synthesis of neurotransmitters as well as amino acid metabolism and works synergistically to improve the actions of the other ingredients.

PA_sfacts-1 Pro Advantage
PA_uses-1 Pro Advantage

Why Pro Advantage?

problem Pro Advantage

The Challenge

  There seems to be tons of energy drinks, and focus supplements. The issue is that they overstimulate or do nothing at all. Our mission is make a balanced formula that gives gamers the right amount of energy, the right amount of focus, and everything else they need to play at optimal performance.

The Suspects

  The usual suspects come in the form of energy shots, energy drinks or energy supplements. What exactly is what’s wrong with these? The problem is in the ingredients. They often have way too much sugar or way too much caffeine. The result is a massive energy spike that destroys focus and causes jitters. This is then followed by a destructive energy dip, that kills performance and leaves one feeling much more tired than they were before the drink or supplement.

suspect Pro Advantage
caffeineFree Pro Advantage

The “Caffeine Free” Culprit

  The alternative is the “caffeine free” culprit. These drinks and supplements seem to have good intention. They often provide healthy ingredients, with long term benefits. But they miss the purpose altogether. With no short term benefits they seemingly have no effect at all, having zero purpose to a gamer.

Finally a Solution

  How do we solve this problem? Our solution is to use revolutionary ingredients that have unbelievable long term benefits, including memory improvement and increased cognitive speed. But what about the energy? We are using a mix of ingredients including a healthy amount of caffeine, balanced with l-theanine, providing long lasting energy without a jitter causing spike, or a fatigue inducing dip.

PA_bottle_solution-2 Pro Advantage
speed_result Pro Advantage

The Winning Result

  The result is a cutting edge formula, packed full of scientifically researched ingredients, that work together like magic. For a gamer this is the difference between dominating or being dominated.

  So toss that jitter causing, sugar water in the garbage, loose the placebo pills, and try out Pro Advantage to see what it’s actually like to play like a pro.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pro Advantage legal?

Yes. All ingredients used in this supplement are legal in North America, Europe and the UK.

Is Pro Advantage allowed in eSports competitions?

Yes. None of the used ingredients are in the eSports banned substance list.

Should I take Pro Advantage everyday?

We recommend you take one serving (2 capsules) of Pro Advantage on a daily bases to get the maximum effect.

What are the long term effects of Pro Advantage?

The ingredients used in Pro Advantage have been linked to such effects as improved memory, and overall cognition, as well as neuro protective effects such as resistance to neuro disease, and resistance to cognitive decline that comes with aging. In simple terms, it’s great for your brain health!