How to Escape “ELO Hell” & Climb the Ranks Faster

In the Olympics of 1908, a diver barely avoided serious injury while attempting a double somersault dive. After the incident the double-somersault was considered too dangerous – and was almost banned from all future Olympics. Today, the double somersault is an entry-level dive, with 10 years old nailing it in competition. But it’s not like […]


The Secret Steroid for Pro Gamers?

Around the early 60s a Romanian psychologist and chemist named Cornelia Giurgea synthesized a new drug, called Piracetam. This new drug was unique, due to it’s brain-enhancing properties. And about decade later Giurgea coined a new term – nootropic – in order to describe Piracetam and similar substances. Giurgea saw something in these brain-boosting nootropics […]


Can You Become a Gaming God Instantly?

  In 2011 a brilliant movie came out titled limitless. The movie Limitless was not amazing because of great cinematography or unbelievable acting. What made it great for me was the plot. Or more specifically what the plot was based around. You see, in the movie limitless Bradley Cooper’s character receives this sketchy, underground drug, […]